New Start

Written by: PP on 04/04/2005 02:08:48

Fastlane's New Start sets new standards for pop punk. They intermix poppunk with melodic hardcore punk to create ear pleasing pop punk perfection, full of catchy choruses and rad guitar playing. This isn't your normal Blink 182 three chord riffing, this is complex, deep and beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, check out Ben's voice on the record. Unbelievable! The record crosses boundaries between so many genres that even the biggest black metal fans will love it. Songs like "Dreaming", "Virus", "Million Times", "Elevator" and others will blow you away. Easily the best album of 2005 so far.


Download: Dreaming

For the fans of: New Found Glory, Strung Out

Release date: 13.3.2005

Suckapunch Records

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