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Someday Came Suddenly

Written by: PP on 23/12/2008 15:10:22

Attack Attack! are pretty much America's answer to Enter Shikari, or in fact the only band other than Silent Descent that comes even close to re-creating the screamo post-hardcore nu-rave thing those guys have going on. Their EP showed enormous potential earlier this year, and now the band has fine-tuned their sound by adding some more synth and auto-tune to the vocals (which, some say, is a bad thing, but it sounds fuckin' awesome here) on their debut album "Someday Came Suddenly".

The key difference here from Enter Shikari is that Attack Attack! are _considerably_ heavier and more breakdown oriented. There's much more screaming, it's more brutal, and it's definitely very, very 'scene'. Think Greeley Estates-esque uncompromising screaming, then throw in some Gwen Stacy type humongous breakdowns, perhaps a few punk influences, and a SHITLOAD of synth - just check out "The People's Elbow" as the perfect example of a brutal opening scream that breaks into a trance anthem only moments later. At the same time, the choruses are so catchy that even Enter Shikari pales in comparison here, so if you can get over accusing these guys of copying Enter Shikari's idea, you'll find these guys potentially as your next favorite band.

So, if you're at all into the catchy riff-structures of Enter Shikari and the singalongable parts, or the bits where you pull out your green and yellow glow-sticks and morph from a rave into a karate-mosh pit in the blink of an eye, then purchasing Attack Attack!'s record should be a no brainer. Songs like "Stick Stickly", "Bro, Ashley's Here" or especially "What Happens If I Can't Check My Myspace When I Get There" are right up there with Enter Shikari classics like "Sorry You're Not A Winner". If you ask me, some songs here are even better, which is why you should probably expect this band to snowball very, very shortly: expect Attack Attack! to be the sensation in 2009, you heard it here first.

Download: The People's Elbow, Dr. Sharvago Pt. 3, Stick Stickly
For the fans of: Enter Shikari, Silent Descent, I Set My Friends On Fire
Listen: Myspace

Release date 11.11.2008
Rise Records

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