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Come Around

Written by: PP on 21/12/2008 23:54:54

Sing it Loud have released their debut pop punk album "Come Around" on Epitaph. But being released on Epitaph is pretty much the only punk thing about the record, to be honest.

The album kicks off with "I've Got A Feeling", which sounds somewhat like Motion City Soundtrack, just more "teeny" (as if MCS wasn't teeny). The synthesizer adds a bit of sugar on top of this. It's not a bad song really, it's just not particularly interesting. Many pop songs have this type of sugar on top of their already soft songs, but other pop songs usually have a catchy riff and chorus to make it good, this song doesn't. Not a very good opening for a debut album. "We're Not Afraid" made me tap my foot. Here SIL shows that they can actually write somewhat catchy riffs. Unfortunately, the synthesizer on this song sounds a bit lame, because it doesn't add anything to the song. But luckily, there's more to the record than that.

As soon as I heard "Come Around", the third song, I said to my self "ok here is where the album starts". They should've tossed the two aforementioned songs away, and used this one as the album opener. The chorus is catchy and this song is actually pretty good. The sound is still not very original, but as the common saying goes, "if it ain't broken, why fix it?". Same goes for "Give It Up". The drums deliver a catchy beat and the synthesizer sounds good, and voila, here's another decent song.

There's a few more songs that aren't bad on the record, but unfortunately it doesn't get better than that. "Come Around" is by far the best song, and the rest struggle to even get close to it.

Here's what annoys me about Sing It Loud: they can actually write pretty decent songs, but they fail at following through with a complete album, and instead we get a record that's neither good nor bad. It's an album you'll listen to once or twice, and after a while you'll forget it, and you'll think to your self "what was that band that made that 'come on girl, come around come around!'-song?".


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For the fans of: Motion City Soundtrack, New Found Glory
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Release date 23.09.2008

Written by René Jacobsen

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