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Let's Be Friends...And Slay The Dragon Together

Written by: PP on 21/12/2008 23:44:56

Suburban Legends is a pop / rock / third wave ska band from Orange County, or so says their Wikipedia entry. That should be updated, because this band is best described as a mixture of pop, ska, funk and disco. I'd never heard about them prior to "Let's Be Friends...", and after a short tour of, I found out that they described themselves as a mix of Reel Big Fish and Scissor Sisters, and that's definitely true. The mixture of genres here really works for Suburban Legends, it feels as if they've kept ska as the main ingredient, and then added bits of funk and disco until the combination was just right.

If you listen to "Girls Got What I want" or "Getting Down to Business, you'll recognize the ska feel of the album, though it's much more poppy than Reel Big Fish, for instance. This doesn't make it bad though by any means. The sound of the album varies a bit, which is a good thing, from "Getting Down To Business", which sounds somewhat like Reel Big Fish, to "Polyester", which actually reminds me of the power pop singer Mika. Every time I listen to that track, I wonder if they all got really drunk in the studio and wanted to sound like the Bee Gees.

"Let's Be Friends..." is definitely music that you could put on at a party, and everybody would probably enjoy it. Ska is usually party music, and I like how Suburban Legends jazzed it up with some disco. There's three songs on this album that I find pretty dull, but the rest of the album puts the listener in a good mood and makes you want to dance, just like most ska music.


Download: Girls Got What I Want, Fire, Unbelievable
For the fans of: Reel Big Fish, Catch 22
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Release date 21.07.2008
Suburban Legends Records

Written by René Jacobsen

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