Ambitions To Find And Test Yourself EP

Written by: PP on 08/12/2005 21:33:41

If you're wondering where all the reviews have gone to, well, it's basically that time of the year where the labels issue tonnes of re-releases, greatest hits albums and compilations instead of new material. But it's always nice to get some new releases around this time of the year instead of re-listening material from a few years ago. Hailing from San Diego, Averian were previously members of A Dead Giveaway but never reached the amount of success to match their ambitions with the band, so they renamed the band and changed their stylistic direction.

The easiest way to describe how Averian sounds like is to directly compare them to Greeley Estates and Our Last Night. "Ambitions To Find And Test Yourself" isn't what the title says, far from it. It isn't a technical record, it's borrowing elements from famous emo bands like The Used, and it most certainly isn't anything groundbreaking. However, they're good at what they do. Why should they try to create an unique or original sound when they create songs as great as "Blueprint"? In just a few days, this song has been played over twenty times on my playlist, and when you have a collection of almost 11000 songs to choose from, that's quite an achievement from an unknown band.

When listening to "Ambitions To Find And Test Yourself", don't be surprised to hear the soared, angry clean vocals during verses, fortified by backup screams at the appropriate timings. Don't be surprised to hear the one slow pitched, soft song "Shipwreck (In Colorado)". In fact, don't be surprised by anything. This record will be slated as "boring", "unoriginal" and "lacking of talent" by most magazines, but to me, this is the kind of record you want to listen to when you aren't looking for uniqueness, complexity or state-of-the art composition. This is an EP for those moments where you just wanna relax and have some good melodic singing and screaming without paying much attention to it. I would buy it only for "Blueprint".


Download: Blueprint
For the fans of: Greeley Estates, The Used

Release date 25.10.2005

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