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Small Town Home Syndrome EP

Written by: PP on 19/12/2008 14:16:43

"Small Town Home Syndrome" is the debut demo/EP by a new Danish indie rock outfit Art Arena, which is something I had to double-check I didn't misunderstand, because these guys sound pretty damn good for their first ever recording! According to their own words, they play tempo-filled indie rock with references to The Fratellis and The Kooks, which is more or less an alright description of their sound, but I'd add an Arctic Monkeys reference as well considering how much their lead singer resembles the Arctic Monkeys one, if not directly in his nonchalant voice, then at least in his attitude and vibe of indie-arrogance that often surrounds singers in this type of bands.

Throughout the course of the four track EP, Art Arena toys with curvy, playful guitars and pop-twinged choruses, creating a chilled out, but nonetheless intriguing indie rock sound that's more or less perfect for anyone interested in conquering the Danish music charts. The verses and choruses are all pretty catchy, but I'll just go ahead and name one exceptionally noteworthy one, namely that of "Bleeding Noise", which has some serious radio-hit material.

In the end, this was never going to be a particularly long review because "Small Town Home Syndrome" only contains four songs and this is the debut release from the band. However, this EP is significant nevertheless, because it showcases a band with enormous potential. After all, few debut demo's that we receive are as well recorded, played and executed as Art Arena's.


Download: Bleeding Noise
For the fans of: The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Bloc Party
Listen: Myspace

Release date 12.09.2008

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