Ruder Forms Survive

Written by: MS on 30/11/2005 03:24:30

London based Capricorns release their debut full length in the form of this very peculiar piece of metal; "Ruder Forms Survive". With an album containing just 7 tracks, you would automatically expect it to be excessively progressive. However, it is not really the case with this album. Sure, there are progressive elements, but in the long run it's just repetitions. Many of the riffs continue slightly too long with too few variations, making some of the songs feel like jam-sessions instead of actual songs. Still, the album has a really good overall feel to it. It seems like something that would work great as a soundtrack to an epic movie or the likes. This is mainly because it contains almost no vocals. All the way through, this intense, dark atmosphere is omnipresent, giving the album kind of a medieval feel, so to say, matching the years that the songs are labelled with. The last song on the album actually sounds a bit like something taken out of the classic movie "Braveheart".

As before mentioned, all the song titles on the album start with a year, fx. "1977: Blood For Papa", except for track 3; "The First Broken Promise", which is also the only song on the album with vocals. Everything else is entirely instrumental, disregarding a single screamed out "Raise your right hand!" in one song. The vocals on "The First Broken Promise" are performed by Eugene Robinson, the vocalist of Californian Oxbow. They can only be described as frantic screams coming from an insane person. Surprisingly, this fits the song rather well, but I'm rather glad that the rest of the songs don't have these vocals.

The general musicianship of the record is nothing spectacular, as there is nothing amazingly technical about it. I'm missing some solos or more advanced leads. Most of the guitarwork is merely powerchord riff build-ups. Not that that's bad or anything, as many of them are very catchy, and some very fitting time-signature variations are added in from time to time. But again, none of it is very advanced.

The album should be viewed upon as one connected work instead of 7 songs. It is definately worth a listen, but I think it works best as something playing in the background. These guys may be onto something here...


Download: 793ad: The Harrying Of The Heathen, 1440: Exit Wargasmatron
For the fans of: Pelican, Melvins

Release date: 31.10.2005
Rise Above
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