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Written by: PP on 18/12/2008 15:23:57

Given the sheer amount of bands following trends and various scene politics today, it's nice to occasionally receive a band who doesn't care for all that and just plays rock music for the sake of themselves. Hailing from Australia, Sharp Practise come across as a laid back alternative rock / acoustic rock act on their new album "Radiocity", one of those festival type of bands perfect for the many sunny days with cloudless blue skies when all you wanna do is just relax, one of those bands who plays with true emotion without, for once, being associated with any of the real 'emo' genres at all.

The interesting thing about "Radiocity" is how it sounds a little like Crowded House and other similar classic rock bands without doing overly so. Most songs consist of an acoustic guitar driving the songs forward with the occasional harmonica/other traditional instrument giving the band a "Sweet Home Alabama" vibe, and at least one bit where the band breaks into a classic electric guitar solo from the 70s and 80s rock scenes. "No Thanks" and "How Katie Feels" are the most obvious hits from the record, as both carry catchy enough choruses to grab a spot at the radio airwaves especially here in Denmark - this is exactly the type of music P3 plays all the time.

And it's this relaxed atmosphere that is Sharp Practise's biggest strength. It's perfect music for those days when you're by yourself just staring out of the train window contemplating on all sorts of issues of your life, when you're just 'in your own world', so to say. This might not give them the same superstar status as Crowded House has, but it's still nonetheless mostly enjoyable, if sometimes a little boring listen. But only a little.


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Release date 07.11.2008
Rising Records

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