The Friday Night Boys

That's What She Said EP

Written by: PP on 15/12/2008 04:40:00

The problems with pop punk began around the same time as Blink 182 unleashed their smash hit "All The Small Things" to the radios, and every high school / college kid suddenly realized that they could be punk rockers too without having a mohawk and a sex pistols t-shirt. What started off as a movement that injected only a little pop into an otherwise solid punk background (see "Cheshire Cat" by Blink 182) has now turned into a stupid debacle where the pop has been taken so far that the punk is barely recognizable anymore. This works for some bands, All Time Low being the best example here, while others fail at it miserably and create a cheesefest of a record instead (see Cartel's self-titled record). What does all that have to do with the review of The Friday Night Boys EP "That's What She Said"? Glad you asked.

As you should've guessed from the introduction already, The Friday Night Boys are a pop punk band, and they belong to that "every high school / college kid" category in that they're definitely far more pop than punk. Fortunately for them, redeeming factors are ever-present here in what promises the band a very bright future if they can keep it up for a full length album. Yeah, these songs are poppy as hell, but they also have killer choruses and the guitar hooks, for once, are actually grabbing. See "Chasing A Rock Star" for an example and if not, think of bands like Hey Monday, Farewell, The Maine and of course All Time Low.

Better yet, The Friday Night Boys' producer has, for once, not destroyed all of the feeling from the album through the means of retarded overproduction. This results into a tighter sound than what is the norm with 'scene pop punk' bands like these (any band that sings "she's so scene" in an album is DEFINITELY scene), and that's also why The Friday Night Boys will receive a decent mark for me. No, it isn't groundbreaking. No, it isn't anything special. But yes, it's catchy and has the sound of a band who should really be on their second album by now.

Download: Chasing Rock Stars
For the fans of: All Time Low, Hey Monday, Farewell
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Release date 14.10.2008
Fueled By Ramen

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