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Written by: KS on 29/11/2005 20:45:57

Not all bands are as special as Cougars. They are an 8 piece band, with two guitars, a bassist, a drummer, a synth guy, two-piece horn section and of course a vocalist.

They play a blend of punk and something very alternative I can?t really put my finger on. The horn section gives a slightly ska-ish feel at times, adding a nice little touch to the fast paced songs with the screamed out vocals. The singer reminds me quite a lot of Gavin Rossdale of Bush fame, when he screams.

Whether this is a good album or not, I can't quite decide. The ideas are good and they do have quite a unique sound to it all, and they know how to play their instruments, but there?s not even one song that has become my favourite while spending hours listening to the record. They?re all just a little bit so-so.

Most of the songs are about alcohol and pussy, which to me is okay at first but gets quite trivial over the long run. All in all, after listening to this album, the listener finds himself confused on whether or not to like it or hate it.


Download: Toxic Fox Syndrome
For the fans of: Supersuckers, Fu Manchu

Release date: 17.10.2005
Go Kart Records
Provided by Target ApS

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