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Written by: PP on 12/12/2008 17:18:57

Scotland's Mind Gone Blind follows in the footsteps of their fellow country mates Logan, whom I was introduced to when they were supporting Alter Bridge last month, in that their music tries to depict the 90s grunge to the point that their lead singer sounds exactly like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, only with less genuine passion and honesty in his voice.

"Liars & Preachers" is only their debut album though, and it may be too early to criticize the band. For example, while the vocalist really does sound like a worsened version of Eddie Vedder, that still doesn't mean he's bad. He's slightly nasal in style, but nonetheless his voice is about ten thousand times better than I could ever achieve, say, in five or six lifetimes. And of course, there's the rest of the band. While they are definitely referencing the mid 90s grunge movement for the most of the time, they have a dirtier guitar sound and somewhat more groove. I'm not sure if this works for or against the band though, as often the low-production level leaves the guitar sounding kind of muddy, the sort of stuff you sometimes experience in bad live environments where the guitar's distortion buries everything underneath it in the soundscape.

Additionally, "Liars & Preachers" lacks that one grabbing song, the one highlight that'll get everyone interested in the band. Sort of like Logan has with "When I Get Down", as no matter what audience they play that song in front of, people will always go crazy and sing along to it, even when the band's just supporting. Otherwise, the album's pretty solid and consistent, even if it lacks some punch in the catchy-department.


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Release date 07.11.2008
Rising Records

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