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Written by: PP on 12/12/2008 16:47:47

Chaos Delivery Machine is basically a combination of skate punkers Pennywise and defunct hardcore punkers 98 Mute, both bands well respected in the punk community. Earlier this year these dudes got together to record a 20 track debut album which was largely ignored by media and fans, other than those from and around Hermosa Beach and the rest of So-Cal punk scene. This is a shame, because especially fans of 98 Mute will find lots of goodies present here on "Manifesto", almost one for each day of December, that is if you'd like to have a music-based Christmas calender this year (which it is of course too late for now, since it is December 12th today).

Although the sound generally references the 98 Mute-style hardcore punk more than the melodic skatepunk of Pennywise, you can still hear some oldschool Pennywise in the guitars. They are of course dirtier, faster and more down tuned in nature, so you won't find anything here that'll induce you to a (cold) trip to the skate park, but they're nonetheless there, enough so to make this interesting for a Pennywise fan.

The key difference between Chaos Delivery Machine and Pennywise/98 Mute is the vocalist. He fits the punk rock stereotype perfectly because he can't sing even if his life depends on it, so therefore he yells like an angry motherfucker. Think a really lo-fi, simple yelling style that'll appeal to something like a 0.02% of music listeners and I'm feeling generous. Which makes it all the more strange is that on songs like "Sintoxication" and "Six Ways To Doomsday" Chaos Delivery Machine actually comes across as pretty catchy.

But these are only occasional moments, as most of the time it's pedal to the floor hardcore punk with song lengths varying from 40 seconds to under two minutes for the most part, so don't expect anything amazing out of this record. However, if bands like 98 Mute and Pennywise are close to your heart, do check out what the dudes do on their spare time.


Download: Sintoxication, Six Ways To Doomsday
For the fans of: 98 Mute, Pennywise
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Release date 29.03.2008
Felony Records

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