The Chainsaw's Law

Written by: TL on 11/12/2008 01:19:35

What goes through your mind when you name your band Infernoise? Personally, I don't have the answer, but I'll tell you one thing that doesn't go through your mind, and that's making your band sound attractive to a gang of reviewers, because Infernoise's debut album "The Chainsaw's Law" has been lying on my desk for a good while, orphaned and unadopted by any willing writer. Effectively it is part of a pile of promos that I've been forced to review as a part of our christmas clean-up action. Lucky me huh?

Well for once then yes, lucky me, as the joke turns out to be on my mates. In spite of their less than fortunate name, this Spanish outfit does in fact have something to offer, and when the offering is southern grooves and thrashy attitudes combined into a rumbling concoction of Pantera-worship, I'm suddenly much more eager to pay attention to it than I initially anticipated. Opener "Hellrider" betrays what's going on almost immediately, mixing up the insistently vulgar metal of Pantera with some kicking groovy riffage in the chorus to form an early highlight. The next one comes on track four "Crossing The Valley Of Death", where the band provides a nice variation from their base expression by means of a slightly melodic chorus. It's a delight to hear that these guys haven't done the typical metal blunder too, committing to the first pretentious growler or screaming scenester to come along. Instead they've settled for frontman Rown Houland, whose gruff roars and semi-growls fit the style of music like a glove. Again, comparisons to Pantera and Down have to be drawn, because again it's clear to see that Anselmo must have been a major inspiration to the guy.

It's not all goodies though - I'm sure you noticed the gap between track one and four as well - but especially track six stands out in a poor way with its more balladic style, for which Rown's vocals are not at all fitted. Then it's better that "Snakebite" kicks right back into what the guys do best, namely rockin' out, low tuned and whiskey-drenched. Yeah baby!

Of course, being limited to excelling at one very specific style of expression isn't going to be enough to earn your band a spot in Rockfreaks' hall of fame, especially not when you borrow so much of your awesomeness from one of rock's already established legends, however, if you, the listener, can get around the lack of originality, there's little reason not to like "The Chainsaw's Law". It's an enjoyable listen that easily gets your head banging, even for me, and trust me I wouldn't usually seem like a person who'd like this kind of thing. The only problem that remains is how you're gonna explain your friends that you like a band who call themselves "Infernoise". Good luck with that.


Download: Hellrider, Crossing The Valley Of Death, I Am The Motor
For The Fans Of: Pantera, Down,

Release Date 27.10.2008
Locomotive Records

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