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Written by: PP on 07/12/2008 14:47:55

Anyone who has spoken to me in the past 6 months or so will know how many dozens of albums I have on my reviews pending list at the moment. The consequence of this is that I essentially have to prioritize my review queue, and big bands as well as bands with interesting names or those that have toured with some bands that I like often get higher priority than others. This arrangement works out pretty well in that the stuff that's at the bottom of my list isn't usually anything any of you would care that much about anyway. That doesn't always hold true though, as evident with Putiferio and their new album "Ate Ate Ate", which is one of the strangest and funniest records I've had the pleasure of listening all year.

Starting off with the weird sounds of "Give Peace A Cancer" (what a title!), the band introduces the listener into an experimental math rock atmosphere which is pretty comparable to that of HORSE The Band, just without the Nintendo sounds. The sound overall is pretty chaotic with strange effects and stop-start sequences aplenty, but even so the band has managed to insert surprisingly catchy passages in the midst of all that. "Carnival Corpse For Servers" (man I love their titles) even engages in some Ephel Duath-style jazz-metal while sounding kind of like These Arms Are Snakes in places. It's not the best music of this kind out there, but it certainly isn't bad... well, except for the 13 minute "Putifero Goes To War" which crosses the too strange border and becomes just meaningless noise in my ears after the four minute mark - it's simply effects and ambiance for about four minutes before the band comes back to their instruments. This is surely something that'll work in a live environment better, but on record, it seems pointless. Continuing with the humorous titles, we have "Hate Ate 8" (simply amazing wit here), where band goes for some more jazzy guitar while the vocals remind me of The Dear & Departed. Kind of a weird mix but it works well here. Some psychedelic elements emerge on especially "Where Have All The Razors Gone?" and "holesholesHOLES" sounds like something recorded during an annual feast in a cannibal village somewhere in the darkest Africa. Creepy? Hell fucking yes.

In the end, "Ate Ate Ate" is so experimental in places that most listeners will find it too far out. But if bands like These Arms Are Snakes and Ephel Duath count among your favorites, expect Putiferio to rank high on your list too.

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For the fans of: These Arms Are Snakes, Ephel Duath, HORSE The Band
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Release date 2008
Robotradio Records

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