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The only phenomenon that the Italian island of Sardinia is known for internationally is its flourishing organized crime scene. You know, the Italian mafia and the like. It certainly isn't a music scene, as to my knowledge, not a single rock band has made it out of the island to gain any sort of recognition internationally, even in the underground magazines. Inkarakua are my first acquaintance with what could constitute as a 'scene' down there, and if this is the best they can offer, I don't think you can even talk about having a 'scene'.

Much like their colleagues Agabus, whom I reviewed just before, Inkarakua play a mixture of metallic hardcore and nu-metal (apparently known as crossover hardcore), except Inkarakua sound marginally better than Agabus. There are a couple of songs on their self-titled album where the band sounds reasonably close to Slipknot, which is respectable, considering how few bands are able to replicate their signature power-violence metal/rock (or whatever it is they call it) at all. "Guardo Fuori" is an excellent example of this, and the dirtily groovy guitar riff is actually something I keep coming back to from time to time...but only because it reminds me that Slipknot are actually good compared to these guys.

Perhaps I'd enjoy this album more if it wasn't sung all in Italian. This wouldn't be such a problem if the band had written some damn catchy songs that you could at least hum along to, but only the aforementioned "Guardo Fuori" possesses any of that quality. Most of their songs lack cohesion and direction, as if the band members were all playing in their own little worlds with little regard to the bigger picture. Now it might seem that I've said very little in this review, but that's because there's not much to say about these guys, don't bother.


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Release date May 2008
UKDivision Records

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