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Happily Ever After

Written by: PP on 05/12/2008 11:24:50

Mt. Sims is short for Matthew Sims, who is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and a DJ. While his first release "Ultrasex" didn't really fit within our (vague) criteria of what constitutes as rock music, his sophomore album "Happily Ever After" does more so. There's still an element of electro/dancehall present, but there's some guitar, bass and drumming this time along, even if the focus is almost solely on the effect-laden keyboard (at least I think it's a keyboard).

The album starts with an almost two minute, noise-obsessed intro track, before "Grave" has the band sounding like an electro-version of Pet Shop Boys. Now I don't know about you guys but I despise that band, so forgive my bias, even though the song is pretty catchy. "Playing For Keeps" sounds like something that could've been on Roskilde Festival this year considering the electro/dancehall theme, which is something that follows through the entire album. "Dig It In" has the same effect in a creepier form, making it suitable for one of the older James Bond movies for a scene where Bond's sneaking around behind the backs of the bad guys. "Kove's Revenge" is probably the most obvious radio hit, considering how it could almost be a Depeche Mode song with some The Cure influence.

But aside from the few decent songs on the album, you'll find a lot of material that's just a tad bit too weird to sound good. "Continuations" and its whiny effects is a good example, and the groovy "What's The Big Deal" isn't my cup of tea either, jazz doesn't go too well with dancehall, I'm afraid. Other than that, if a combination of dark indie/electro rock and dancehall is for you, then "Happily Ever After" should be on your Christmas wish list this year. If that description fails to meet your personal rock criteria, I'd pass on this one.

Download: Grave, Kove's Revenge
For the fans of: Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode
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Release date 21.10.2008
Hungry Eye Records

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