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Written by: PP on 22/11/2005 13:36:00

When System Of A Down announced their "Mezmerize/Hypnotize" double album a little over a year ago, Serj & co reasoned that they had written too many great songs just to be thrown away, so they decided to do something out of the ordinary and release two albums with a six month break in between. The general opinion was that the band was just cashing in on their fans, but "Hypnotize" effectively counter-attacks the claim by being yet another brilliant masterpiece from the unimitable Armenian nu-metallers.

Where "Mezmerize" was a more experimental album exploring the various dimensions of System Of A Down's sound, "Hypnotize" gives us the traditional sound we're so used to from the "Toxicity"-era. "Stealing Society"'s intro sounds like it's an improved version of the classic "Prison Song", "Holy Mountains" could be straight off from "Steal This Album" and "Vicinity Of Obscenity" from their self-titled debut. But this is where I feel that the album, while still being better than the older albums, is a bit of a letdown in comparison to "Mezmerize". All the way through the album you have a feeling you've heard it all before somewhere, and there are no truly striking moments like "Radio/Video" or "Violent Pornograhpy".

If System Of A Down wasn't colossal yet, after the release of "Hypnotize" they will be. Together with "Mezmerize" the band has created two albums so entirely different from each other, that there can be no criticism questioning their musical ability and creativity. The title track is also a slap in the face on all of the people who say SOAD aren't skilled musicians, as it contains some of the most technical work the band has done to date. "Hypnotize" is a solid reason why the band has and will receive countless nominations and awards for being the band of the year. After all, how many bands can publish two excellent full length efforts in six months. Yes, it's all public now, System Of A Down is truly unique. Oh, and the artwork is amazing.


Download: Attack, Kill Rock 'N Roll
For the fans of: Mindless Self Indulgence, Spineshank

Release date 22.11.2005

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