One With Filth

Written by: PP on 29/11/2008 17:41:41

Sweden's Crowpath specialize in brutal, technical metal that stands about halfway between grindcore and deathcore. There are a few breakdowns, but the material isn't exclusively mosh friendly, as more crushing, nonsensical instrumental passages appear en masse throughout the band's newest album "One With Filth".

From the get go, Crowpath sounds like a band devoted to one mission and one mission only - to crush, to ravage, and to destroy every bone in your body, and this they do fucking well. The instruments are incredibly well-executed throughout, leaving a trail of extreme precision behind, sort of like Job For A Cowboy but a less scene-friendly version. Fact is, the calculated chaos present throughout titles like "Cleansed In Chlorine" and "Fondling The Grotesque" contains many complexities normally found in math metal, though here they are presented in a distinct grindcore form to the listener.

But while most grindcore bands sound like they're just chaotically smashing their instruments on each other, making senseless noise in the process, Crowpath actually sounds like they have a purpose. The structure in each song is solid and well-thought out, which translates into an intense, rich, and rewarding listening experience. That is, as long as we discount for the annoying feedback interlude track "I Gryningen", which could've been left out for my sake. There's even a decent amount of groove present in the chaos - how exactly they've managed to inject that in is a mystery to me - and that might very well be the ingredient that puts Crowpath on par with the best bands in the deathcore/grindcore genres.


Download: Fondling The Grotesque, One With Filth
For the fans of: Job For A Cowboy, The Red Chord, Fuck The Facts
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Release date 10.11.2008
Candlelight Records

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