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Written by: PP on 27/11/2008 11:50:14

I'm kind of out of my league here with Chicago-based dreamy indie rock/pop outfit Caw! Caw! and their new EP "Wait Outside". I lack enough knowledge of the genre as a whole to directly compare them to anyone, so bear with my hit n miss comparisons, such as describing these guys sounding a bit like Boo and Boo Too and Radiohead combined, albeit in arrangements that are much more accessible and easier to enjoy.

The way Caw! Caw! constructs their songs is to have a lowly tuned rhythm guitar to point you into the indie rock direction, with a faster lead guitar played at high pitch (think Foals here), reaching toward experimentalism of bands like Sonic Youth, creating noise-obsessed melody with just enough pop twinkle to make their songs so bright and enjoyable. "Organisms" is my personal favorite, as it accomplishes the mysticism of a truly underground indie rock band together with choruses that are pop-catchy to the point of irresistible. Occasionally, a horn section (at least I think it's a horn section) and other unconventional means are introduced, adding flair and great melody to the music. Though much of their material is soft, Caw! Caw! aren't afraid to distort the guitars into the heavier direction, such as on the somewhat punky "Work", where the vocalist also moves towards a less dreamy delivery, howling his clean vocals with much more power than on the other track.

If I was to name a few things that especially characterize "Wait Outside" EP, I'd have to go for the playful, original drumming, which is the highlight of pretty much every song, the dreamy vocals, and the intriguing guitars that manage so much with so little. If you consider that metal bands can dazzle you with incredible solos and just flat-out amazing riffs, the Caw! Caw! guitars do the same with rich soundscapes and extremely original sounds. The tunes on "Wait Outside" EP might not make it to the radio waves easily considering their relative experimentalist nature, but hey, they are definitely tunes!

Download: Organisms, Wrapped Up Neat In The Bible
For the fans of: The Shins, Radiohead, Boo And Boo Too, The Armory
Listen: Myspace

Release date 23.09.2008
Slanty Shanty Records

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