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Maths are a UK based screamo act, and "MMVII" is a compilation of their tour EPs, alternate mixes, and a bunch of other recordings. Right, why should you care? Well, Maths might be the very best screamo act you'll come across in the last couple of years, or at least that's the way I feel after having listened to this compilation for a better part of two months now. The only problem is that even I could produce a better quality record than these lads on "MMVII", which sounds largely like it has been either recorded live from start to finish, or alternatively through a couple of rainboots, one Nike trainer, and a nice casual sandal to top things off.

This is extremely annoying because underneath the HORRIBLE production lies some of the best fucking songs I've heard in a long while. Take "II", for instance, which is senseless screaming combined with frantic riffs that crash all over the place in the soundscape at its best. Or "IV", which emits a Today I Caught The Plague type of atmosphere with insane instant time signature changes on top of a ridiculously catchy scream-session in the vein of United Nations or Saetia. It's just terribly unfortunate that it's not possible to really hear what's going on because of the way the songs are recorded, because you can clearly hear that with at least minimal production, these songs could very well be occupying spots on your top 5 list of the year.

The same scenario repeats throughout the album, with songs like "And We Have Killed" introducing early The Fall Of Troy-esque elements into the mix, or the fantastic "Murderers Of All Murderers", which hints influence from early Fear Before The March Of Flames....sounds fucking good, eh? But it's too messy, too distorted, too carelessly recorded to really make a difference. Yet at the same time, it's possible to hear the absolutely retarded amount of potential in each of the songs these guys have written, and given some production, the best of these have the potential of being the next "Translating The Name" EP. For the next few moments, consider the implication of a grade this high with production this terrible. Yes, this is great fucking stuff, now get to a studio ASAP!


Download: How Shall We Comfort Ourselves (IV), What Sacred Games Shall We Have To Invent (II)
For the fans of: Today I Caught The Plague, Fear Before The March Of Flames, United Nations
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Release date May 2008

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