Just Breathe

Written by: MS on 21/11/2005 19:30:49

Just Breathe is an absolutely brilliant outplay from Post-hardcore/screamo act Lovehatehero. Being their debut, this album will, without a doubt, plow the road for this band in the future. All the way through, the album is a pleasure to listen to, with beautiful melodic metal inspired riffs and clean guitar playing where it fits in just perfectly. There are some excellent breakdowns, with quiet bass/drum lines into the hard guitar riffs that make this album something worth listening to.

The vocals are also very impressive. Vocalist Pierrick Berube is in many ways similar to many of the other great vocalists on the Emo/Screamo and Hardcore scenes, with soaring clean vocals transforming directly into raspy screams followed by the dual guitars. It all fits in very well. Especially in "A Glass Of Water, A Grain Of Salt", Berube's voice is memorable in the last passage.

To mention a few outstanding tracks, the opener "This Dream Called Life" is an awesome fast paced very punk-ish song, and the guitar work in this one is at its best. The closing track "Smart, Witty, Fun, Sexy", is also very cool, with it's comeback after about 2 minutes into the song. Good choise for an outro. It leaves one wanting more. And if you wait, there is more, in the form of a very alternative hidden track on the CD. It's very amusing, but I'll leave you to discover that for yourself.


Download: This Dream Called Life, The Risk
For the fans of: The Used, Thrice, Story Of The Year

Release date: 12.09.2005
Ferret Music
Provided by Target ApS

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