From Shadows Came Darkness

Written by: CR on 25/11/2008 14:59:32

Scottish band Mendeed was predicted a very bright future by both Metal Hammer and Kerrang receiving a nomination for "Best British Newcomer 2006" from the last mentioned. Unfortunately we will never know if Mendeed actually had what it takes to become a big name on the metal scene as the band split during the fall of 2007. Apparently this just means that we get some re-releases of the bands material. The first (out of three) of these is the 2004 release "From Shadows Came Darkness".

With the opening song being 1:11 minutes of "heartfelt" grand piano the first shadow of doubt crept over my conscience. It's simply just a way too unoriginal manner to start off with. And as it turns out unoriginality seems to be the keyword I link to most of the content on FSCD. The style is metalcore and they haven't left much room to think outside the genre box. You will mostly be nodding your head a bit thinking four years back in time to 2004, when metalcore actually was "da shite". And since most people at this point have a fairly good idea of what metalcore has to offer, it's by far more interesting to point out the things that defy from the standard metalcore release.

First off Mendeed seems a bit more mature than your average metalcore band. Even though they are nowhere near sounding as grown as a band like Killswitch Engage, there are still moments with promise, like the intro to "Glory be thy Name" or the intermezzo in "Ignite the Flames". Most of the solos are also on the better end of the scale, though they are not even close to changing the outcome of the review. On the bad side, Mendeed can't escape from the fact that the quality of the recording is abysmal. Though the bass drum is by far the worst - since it for most of the album sounds like someone beating a cardboard box - the album also suffers from an annoying distortion sound to all of the vocals and inept production most notably during solos.

It's always easier to review an album after it has been out for a couple of years. Mostly because you know what happened after the release. You don't have to start predicting a future for the band and then look like a fool three or four years later when it turns out you were wrong. Metalcore had its run but I doubt many can see a future for the genre. Simply put, no re-issue can revive a genre that is as dead as metalcore is. It doesn't just smell funny - it's purposeless and it's about time we let the dead have their peace. I would have liked to make a long review for this album but I have run out of words to say. In essence it's metalcore, no more - no less


Download:Glory Be Thy Name, Fatal Poison Whisper
For The Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, All That Remains

Release Date 10.09.2008
Rising Records

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