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Werewolf EP

Written by: PP on 25/11/2008 01:14:48

I wouldn't have imagined Morgan and B War of underground black metal icons Marduk to have a horror punk band, yet that's exactly what Devil's Whorehouse is. It was originally meant to be just a Misfits cover band as a side project, but since then they have evolved into a full-scale band writing music just in the vein of who they were covering to start out with, albeit with a slightly more blackened guitar sound. The band has been on and off pretty much since its formation because of other commitments, but now they're back with a new three-track EP called "Werewolf".

The title track opens the EP with a spoken-word, b-class horror movie introduction, something about werewolfs, but fortunately it isn't long before the gas pedal is floored and the familiar tumbling guitars and snarly vocals of Misfits kick in....except this isn't really Misfits, of course, but Devil's Whorehouse copy-catting to the note what made The Misfits so popular. The funny thing is that I don't really know whether I should punish or reward the band for that. On on hand, there's little here to suggest of anything originality, aside from the strange atmosphere of "Mouth Of Hell", which oozes oldschool Western movie type of sound, but at the same time a song like "Pentagram Murderer" sounds really good despite it being so close to sounding precisely like Misfits.

That leaves me with a dilemma that isn't easily solved; how to rate this album. Clearly, more material is needed before a decision for better or worse can be made, but for now, the grade is for "Pentagram Murderer", a track that's both good in the musical content as well as in the title.


Download: Pentagram Murderer
For the fans of: The Misfits, Danzig
Listen: Official Website

Release date 27.10.2008
Regain Records / Blood 039

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