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Death Rituals

Written by: AB on 22/11/2008 21:23:33

Ah, Six Feet Under, forerunners of the groove death slash death n' roll genre! They are a productive bunch, with "Death Rituals" here being their 11th album since 1995. Fronted by the infamous Chris Barnes of early Cannibal Corpse fame, Six Feet Under revels in slow, 'groovy' death metal, as they believe death shouldn't always be dependent on blast beats and speed. I never really was a fan of their material, my fondest moment with Six Feet Under being at Wacken Open Air festival in 2006 where their headbang-causing cover of AC/DC's "TNT" got the crowd going. However, their own songs weren't exactly memorable nor interesting.

Apart from Mr. Barnes on growls, SFU also has members from such respected bands as Death and Massacre. However, you wouldn't believe this when listening to the record, as all we're treated too is simple, slow and horrible death metal. This is going to be a real short review, since "Death Rituals" is an abomination to nature, and death metal. I shall not mention Barnes' stupid, burping and tired growls or the overly simplistic, repetitive riffs. I will not talk about the tumor-inducing drumming. I will definitely not voice my opinion on the almost complete lack of solos, or that the ones that are to be found sucks major ass. I won't mention the cliché that is the cover. I shall not explain my view on the lame ass cover of Mötley Crue's "Bastard", nor the metal cliché of using samples from movies etc. as track openers.

This year has seen some great death metal releases, so I guess that this 'effort' by Barnes and Co. is simply the Death Metal God's way of restoring karma. The best thing about this is that it's easy to forget, and forget about it you should. When crap like this gets released, I easily understand why there's somebody who doesn't love death metal, because this is so stupidly amateurish that I really can't fathom the levels of shit present. Nothing to see people, move along.


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Release date 17.11.2008
Metal Blade Records

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