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You Can Steal The Riffs, But You Can't Steal The Talent

Written by: PP on 22/11/2008 15:00:29

Imagine if Attack In Black hooked up with Hot Water Music and attempted to re-create a similarly honest, feel-good atmosphere as Bear Vs Shark when they still existed, and you have The Serious Geniuses and their hilariously, yet suitably titled new album "You Can Steal The Riffs, But You Can't Steal The Talent". In other words, The Serious Geniuses have about zero originality, as you've probably heard their riffs to varying degree in all the three mentioned bands, but that doesn't stop the album from being extremely enjoyable and an easy listen from start to finish.

The semi-distorted, rumbling guitar riffs and the passionate half-clean, half-screamed voice of their vocalist is what makes this album so damn fun to listen to. It's one of those you can listen to no matter what your mood is, and should you be in a bad mood, it'll most likely put you in a good mood simply because it's so naturally cheerful and joyous in its sound. You can tell that the band members know exactly that this is the kind of music they want to be playing, and as such, they play it lovingly, cherishing every single small glitch in sound. It can be heard in the sudden calm-to-explosive switches in the vocals, or in the way the drums set the medium-speed pace nicely on the background without interfering with the bright guitars. Especially "Almost Shameless", "Backwards, Thinking Backwards" and "Marc Attack" are great examples of this.

There isn't really anything left to say about "You Can Steal The Riffs..." that I haven't already said in one form or another. It's not album of the year material, but it's the kind of album that'll get your feet tapping and your head nodding gently, as put it in their review. Any fan of Hot Water Music, Attack In Black and Bear Vs Shark should consider this a must-get.


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For the fans of: Hot Water Music, Attack In Black, Bear Vs Shark, Steady State
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Release date 07.09.2008
Kiss Of Death Records

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