Earth Crisis

Breed The Killers (Reissue)

Written by: PP on 18/11/2008 01:58:54

Some of our older (and why not younger) readers may recognize the name Earth Crisis, the straight edge vegan metallic hardcore (but not metalcore) band that achieved near-seminal status in the 90s when the were active through six full length releases. Last year, the guys decided to re-unite, and in an effort to inject some oil into the hype machine, their new label I Scream Records is now reissuing their final album "Breed The Killers".

But much has changed since the 90s. What was considered to be awesomely rigid, technical riffing back then is today considered merely as average stuff your eveyday metalcore band is capable already on their early demos. To someone who wasn't around (or more precisely, wasn't paying attention yet) back then, therefore, the riffs on "Breed The Killers" don't strike out as anything out of the ordinary. Throw in your average raging vocalist, though in this case from the coarse end of the spectrum, with barely decipherable vocal work and it could be more or less any metal band with hardcore influences. Perhaps with better and cleaner production "Breed The Killers" would come across better, but that's an answer we'll first know the answer to when the new album lands next year.

To their credit, however, the mixture of 90s hardcore and raw metal was probably original back in the day, considering how bands like Shai Hulud, Terror and Sworn Enemy were heavily influenced by it, and they're bands that all modern hardcore/metalcore bands should be familiar with...and if you happen to be a fan of especially the early material from these bands, then Earth Crisis might be something for you to check out just to see where their roots lie. Otherwise, "Breed The Killers" doesn't really manage to lift itself above the average mark.


Download: Wither, End Begins
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Release date 07.11.2008
I Scream Records

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