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Written by: PP on 16/11/2008 00:20:42

...Who Calls So Loud is an experimental screamo band who are experiencing an identity crisis, if you are to believe their new self-titled EP released a few months ago. Track one, "Hey, I'm Outside", is two minutes of playful, Nintendo-ish melody completely devoid of singing. It sounds pretty cool, but what's the point of it, when the rest of the EP has no keyboards whatsoever? "M'Ed Palms" instead sees the band explode into emotional outbursts of screamed/yelled vocals and experimental guitar playing in the style of the original genre description, when the emotional message in the songs was so strong that restrained and passionate screams were the only logical way of bringing it to daylight, and consequently no-one cared about the lo-fi production of it all.

Track three, "Resonant Grain Silo", features a soundscape that's about ten times bigger than in the songs before, with gentle ambiance and distant keyboard providing mood and atmosphere. Once again, the vocals are missing entirely and one is left wondering what purpose does the song serve on the record. I suppose it might be some sort of atmospheric interlude to the real centerpiece of the EP, the extremely ambitious, almost 9-minute long "Lark Vs. Rascal" that kind of sounds like Portugal. The Man met up with Today I Caught The Plague to share some thoughts on songwriting technique. Almost two minutes of calm intro guitars suddenly explode into a frenzy of passionate screaming and frantic guitar work, unexpected breakdowns and strange rhythm shifts, the riffs all of a sudden slow down to half-pace and go into experimental mode, and straight after the pace doubles and it all becomes chaotic again, just the way I like it on this release. There's something primal, something so honest about the way this band screams and plays their instruments that this alone makes the band worth checking out. The added mystery of the long instrumental interludes within the song gives them extra charm. Once the 9 minutes of the song are over, I've all but forgotten the identity-crisis of this band, but fortunately the song makes up for most of it and showcases just why this band is being talked of so fondly in the underground scenes. They've still got a few steps to climb on the ladder, but if things sound anything like "Lark vs Rascal" in the future, then we might have something exciting in our hands.

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For the fans of: Today I Caught The Plague, Funeral Diner, Orchid
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Release date 04.09.2008
Protagonist Music

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