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Rammstein is back on the rock-metal scene with their new devil-driver ?Rosenrot?. It has been over a decade since former salesman Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein?s first band ?Orgasm Death Gimmicks? , and who would have thought that he would eventually form one of the greatest bands in modern age history, along with basket weaver Till Lindemann, telephone technician Christoph Doom Schneider, plasterer Oliver Riedel, boiler maker Paul Landers and eventually also toolmaker Christian ?Flake? Lorenz. ?Rosenrot?, meaning Red Rose in English, is not just another album from this juggernaut, it is a statement. A conclusion informing us listeners that this German rock-machine will never adjust to merely half-power. Their new record is definetly full-throttle.

The album's first track ?Benzin?, is nothing less than a perfect introduction to this album. It reminds me of another great Rammstein song ?Feuer Frei?, yet in reality it is in its own way unique and brutal. The track enhances the image of the human being as a machine. Its functionality relies on fuel; it needs power to feed on. The song describes every possible solution to replenish this hunger, but there is only one answer, the product of raw oil. A very recommended track.

Other impressive tracks to mention are the songs ?Zerst?ren?, ?Wo bist du? and ?Ein Lied?, which simply catch on and stick with you. It is as if they had burned themselves unto my inner ear and keep repeating their majestic riffs on and on. Yet this is only positive due to the fact that these songs are truly fantastic. It constantly shows with the energy and the combination of ferociousness and tranquillity, which harmonizes so nicely in ?Rosenrot?. But on the other hand, songs like ?Spring? and ?Hilf Mir?, though good enough, are the album's only drawbacks as they lack originality. Another thing to mention is the track; ?Te Quiro Puta!?, which in my opinion is a genius idea, trying a whole new language to create something new and original. And this track is even in Spanish! Who would have thought of Rammstein in Spanish? That track in particular, really gave me a good laugh. It reminds me a lot of Rammstein's hidden track ?Stripped? on their former album ?Sehnsucht?. The song, recorded solely in English, shows Rammstein?s unique ways of expressing themselves.

All in all, Rammstein has managed to create a very good album, which I doubt will get neglected by the fans. Metallic and mechanical equals emotional and humane with a few faults. This is the formula of yet another good album by Rammstein.


Download: Benzin, Zerst?ren
For the fans of: In Extremo

Release date: 28.10.2005
Universal International

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