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Very well, I need to get this of my chest. Not many good things come from Poland, besides cheap workforce and vodka. Poland has never been known for exporting great music [Ed note. some of world's most famous death metal bands are of Polish origin] or cultural products of any kind. Grimlord is a Polish trio playing very poppy metal in the spirit of Metallica ("Black Album") and Ozzy Osbourne, and on this 11 track album we are taken on a journey through their musical universe.

What a journey it is. Imagine yourself on an old bumpy bus with heavy hangovers, sitting next to a really smelly homeless dude. That's how bad this is. I can't comprehend why a band like Grimlord thought it would be a good idea to record a whole album when they haven't even matured enough to do one whole song yet! There are so many things wrong with this album. The riffs are predictable, badly executed, the drummers sneer sounds like a bucket. Not to mention that he is un-tight as hell. The production is not only bad, but also wrongly prioritized. The vocals (don't get me started on the vocals!) are pushed forward which makes the bad Polish dictation of the lead singer even clearer, and if there by any chance should be a good riff hidden somewhere in their songs, we won't be able to hear them because they are muddled in bad drumming and/or un-tight bass playing.

After looking around the band's myspace I've come to notice that these guys aren't exactly youngsters. If you play your instruments this bad at that age – well maybe you should consider another hobby. These guys like to play music because of an illusion, not because they really breathe for it. So I am going to keep it short: This is a bad record. It's a product of the latest tendency of the DIY wave and while I treasure this wave highly, I have now also realized that there is a back side to the gold medal. One of them is Grimlord. And by the way, what the fuck does "Bloodrunnethover" mean!?


Download: March of Martyrs, Bloodrunnethover
For fans of: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica
Listen: Myspace

Release date ??.07.2007

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