The Safes

Sight Of All Light EP

Written by: PP on 30/10/2008 13:36:59

Chicago based The Safes have received a decent amount of underground hype overseas for their form of garage rock that's sizzling of relentless rock n roll attitude on all sides, so I figured it's about time for us to get this band on your radar before they blow up big time. On their new EP "Sight Of All Light", the band gives five good reasons as to why that should happen any time now.

The title track starts the album with some aggressive punk rock-esque riffs before their slightly off-tune (in the true rock n roll sense) vocalist unleashes just the right amount of pop into their sound. As for the guitar and vocal tone, think about how Nirvana could've sounded had they chosen to write indie-flavored garage rock instead of the post-grunge, and you're pretty close. "Troublemaker" has just the right amount of cheeky groove to it to make work great, and "The Sky Is Falling" recites The Strokes-style catchy garage rock well, though the expression is somewhat rawer here. "Greed" introduces some more guitar melody into their sound, and combined with the 80s vocal style reminiscent of The Ramones and The Clash, the song pushes the band into the direction of really old school punk in the vein of The Kinks or something. While it isn't exactly my cup of tea, I can definitely see why some might find it their favorite song on the record.

Finally, "Unlock The Mystery" closes the album with some vocal experimentation and quick chord progressions, but realistically, it's easily the weakest track on a record that's otherwise a good example of the strength of the Chicago underground music scene for the time being, check out The Safes for good garage rock which promises a bright future for the band.


Download: Troublemaker, Sight Of All light
For the fans of: The Strokes, The Clash, The White Stripes
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Release date 23.09.2008
O'Brothers Records

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