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Heavy Rainbow

Written by: PP on 27/10/2008 16:59:49

Tallahassee, Florida based three-piece Soft Targets offer a fresh take on soft-as-silk indie rock on their new album "Heavy Rainbow", lead by the eccentric performance of vocalist/guitarist Jesse Corry, who at times sounds like he could be the quirky offspring of a strange copulation between Michael Jackson and the crazy Modest Mouse frontman.

Sounds weird? Wait 'til you hear it on record. Corry's vocals are filled with small bursts of energy that explode as quickly as they disappear again - much like the king of pop on many of his songs - and they are nicely supported by prickly guitar work, the main purpose of which is to electrify the music and the lure the listener into a universe where pop and indie rock are perfectly merged together, at least in the ears of this reviewer.

The album variates between the ultra-soft and slow "Sugar Glass" and the more bouncy songs like "Calm Me Down", and both approaches fit their style well. The former type of songs rely on beautiful and often unpredictable guitar guiding the songs forward, while on the latter the guitars are used merely as rhythmic devices to push Corry's excellent vocal performance. A feeling of originality and uniqueness is present throughout, even if at times one gets the impression that the band is somewhat lost-without-a-purpose in their strange sound universe, but nonetheless "Heavy Rainbow" is an enjoyable - and original - listen, despite its drawbacks.


Download: The World Looks Bigger Now, Calm Me Down, Skyscraper
For the fans of: Modest Mouse, Michael Jackson, Bright Eyes
Listen: Myspace

Release date 09.09.2008
Cloud 13 Records

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