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What To Do EP

Written by: PP on 25/10/2008 13:05:52

Fed Up 74, as far as I could tell from their Myspace information, are a Portuguese college pop punk band who just happen to live in Freiburg, Germany. Although the four dudes are obviously inspired by the bands across the pond, the general vibe of their music is different, Fed Up 74 sound much more down to earth and less polished than their American counterparts, and this works to their advantage, as it distinguishes them from the current mass of 'new' pop punk bands out there.

"What To Do", the band's debut EP, is for once a record in the genre that focuses more on the punk than on the pop: The guitars are nicely raw and edgy, clearly inspired by Screeching Weasel type of bands, with a riff-based lead guitar driving the melody forward and a rhythm guitar contributing to the pace of the songs. The singer sounds nicely old school as well instead of sounding like a guy whose balls have been cut off.

Lyrically, the band are sometimes laughably innocent, as heard on "School Sucks" ("School sucks, do you know what I mean, school sucks, so feel free to scream"), and at other times painfully honest, offering relevance to most lives ("Fire Man": "Cause I just want to write this song for someone who carries me on but I just don't know what to say to you, you never cared"), and that's okay, because it's the worry-free vibe and honest, fun lyricism that gives this record character. Considering "What To Do" is only their first EP, it offers promise of a band that one day might be at the forefront of the European punk rock scene, even if it falls short from the highest ratings for the time being.

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For the fans of: Screeching Weasel, The Lawrence Arms
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Release date 24.06.2008

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