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Forever Comes Too Soon

Written by: PP on 25/10/2008 12:44:45

Since the release of their debut EP, The Years Gone By have been receiving truckloads of hype overseas, with a number of different magazines touting them as the next Hit The Lights-type of pop punk success. Me? I'm not too convinced based on their debut album "Forever Comes Too Soon", partly because the band plays the same tired cliché high school pop punk formula that about a million other bands do in the states, and partly because despite writing relatively catchy melodies and hooks, all the songs on the record lack anything that resembles staying power.

It says something when I'm on my 10th listen to the record and I still don't recognize any of the songs by title, nor has a single chorus or verse part stuck into my mind yet. Sure, the songs all have the ingredients of being monstrously catchy, from the singalongable choruses to the polished riffs and melodic hooks a la Hit The Lights / All Time Low, but yet they don't really stick. Maybe it's because in late 2008 we're in a situation where we've heard all these songs by a ton of other bands in the past, or maybe it's the simple truth that The Years Gone By simply aren't on par with the genre flagships just yet.

All that said, however, The Years Gone By do possess a sound that lifts them slightly above the massive gray cloud that is 90% of pop punk bands. Take the guitars, for instance, which hint slightly towards "Take This To Your Grave"-era Fall Out Boy, or their surprisingly decent lyrics (on pop punk standards). The choruses and hooks are all catchy whilst listening to the record, even if there aren't any "where is your boy tonight, I hope he is a gentleman" moments on the record. That should be enough of a hint for you to get this record if your usual menu consists of pop punk for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Download: What Happens In ___ Stays In ____, This Time It's Our Time
For the fans of: Hit The Lights, All Time Low, The Maine
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Release date 02.09.2008
Rise Records

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