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The Way Out Is Broken EP

Written by: PP on 17/10/2008 00:35:24

Armor For Sleep used to be that decent emotionally charged rock band that had a couple of good songs but nothing phenomenal overall. That is, until they released "Smile For Them" last year, which really lifted their songwriting to another level, manifesting in ridiculously catchy choruses and a huge sound that, while following the then-trend of sounding 'big' and 'epic', still managed to keep both its feet on the ground. This was the point where I fell for the band, and my rating of only '7' for their previous album seems awfully low in retrospect, considering how I still remember the chorus to songs like "Williamsburg" and "Smile For Them" to this date. Anyway, as a teaser for their upcoming 2009 full length, Armor For Sleep offers a digital-download only EP "The Way Out Is Broken", which consists of b-sides and new songs to appear on the record.

"This Abyss" welcomes the listener to the record with a sound that's basically an extension of "Smile For Them". Although it's classified as a b-side, this is a song with a chorus so infectious that had I worked for the marketing team behind these guys, it could've easily been a single from the record. Though no specific information on the EP is available (anywhere I looked at least), the rumour is that the other 4 tracks on the EP are all new songs contesting for a place on the new record. If that's the case, the boring ballad "Know What You Have" should be scrapped already now, and the title track should at the very least be left towards the end of the record, considering it lacks the same punch and instantly memorable chorus as "Vanished" does. "We'll Own The World", on the other hand, is so quintessential Armor For Sleep that it should be a contender for a single on the new album. Many singers associated with the emo-genre can do that angstful high-school student croon decent enough, but no one can do it with quite as much desperation-filled emotion as Armor For Sleep's guy. This is tear-in-the-eye kind of material, smooth and slick, easy to get into, and still consisting of enough depth to enjoy even after a bunch of repeat listens.

As for instrumentals, expect more of the groovy post-hardcore stuff circling its way down the scales with a focus on the lightly heavy: what worked on "Smile For Them" works here as well, this is the band's strength and hopefully they will be able to capitalize on this also on the new album. For now, "The Way Out Is Broken EP" seems to hint that way, at least.

Download: This Abyss, Vanished
For the fans of: Taking Back Sunday, A Thorn For Every Heart, Senses Fail
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Release date 05.09.2008

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