Drive Like Carson

Livin' Big

Written by: TL on 14/10/2008 17:46:40

Oh my, what to think of Drive Like Carson. A band composed of three brothers (guitar, guitar and drums) and two friends (bass, vocals) can either remind you of Kings Of Leon or The Jonas Brothers. I guess it would have been good for the band if the former was the case, unfortunately, the latter comparison is much, much closer to the truth.

This can for the most part be accredited to the youngest member of the band, the 19 year old Erik Brennan, who at best sounds like the singers in Cartel and Boys Like Girls, and at worst like those of The Jonas Brothers or even Hanson. He delivers mostly mediocre vocal work on top of your average poprock/poppunk instrumentation, and as you might expect, the result is for the most part not very interesting. So far, only the songs "The Sensible Thing" and "Stutter" have managed to make any kind of impression on me whatsoever, and that leaves eight tracks of mostly uninteresting material on the album.

It's the saving grace (sort of) for the band that they've at least managed to stay clear of any totally embarrasing cheesefests, like we've seen from both the already mentioned Jonas Brothers and poppunk contemporaries Forever The Sickest Kids, and as such, instead of ending up seeming like an outright disaster, "Livin' Big" simply remains as a very mediocre and boring pop rock record, that should honestly be passed by in favour of better bands that do the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I respect the whole DIY thing they've got going on, especially given their relatively young age, but if they want to get noticed for their music rather than their age and methods, more is going to be needed.


Download: The Sensible Thing, Stutter
For The Fans Of: The Jonas Brothers, Cartel, Boys Like Girls

Release Date 17.07.2008

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