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Written by: TL on 14/10/2008 16:35:20

The British My Awesome Compilation is a name I've been hearing here and there for a long time with nothing to connect to it, that is until now, seeing as I've been listening to their second full length "Frontiers" for the purpose of this review for a while now.

What this album demonstrates is a band aiming at a wide audience with a very good knowledge of what works in a large live venue, in other words, they know how to get the most out of really simple things, as exemplified perfectly in the opener "Red Is For Danger" that is almost exclusively driven by its super-melodic and super-catchy chorus. The following "Ghosts On The Underground" lets the guitars speak instead, especially through an electrifying bridge-section, before "Deal Me In" shows us that both elements can be combined with a danceable beat for the maximum enjoyment of a good crowd.

Overall the sound of MAC is that of a rather typical British rock act, think The Automatic, Brigade or The Subways here, and as for the songs, they seem like such a band's take on American approaches like those of The All-American Rejects or perhaps even Jimmy Eats World. Tracks like "Accelerate" stand out from that comparison and showcase the band at their heaviest and most muscular, while "React! React!" could easily remind indie fans of The Strokes or even the Danish band Sterling, and the following "Save Yourself" ends the album by track 10 with the band at its slowest and most anthemic.

All in all, "Frontiers" is a pretty tight package, with simple, anthemic and energetic pop/rock for the masses, even if it seems a bit devoid of depth, both in terms of musical technicalities and actual content. It is almost certainly not meant to be a revolution though, so for those who're just looking for some good old catchy rock songs to accompany their daily activities, "Frontiers" is a pretty good deal.


Download: Red Is For Danger, Deal Me In, React! React!
For The Fans Of: The All-American Rejects, Brigade, The Automatic, The Subways

Release Date 26.05.2008
Small Town Records

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