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Don't Pretend That You Know Me

Written by: PP on 09/10/2008 15:58:32

In recent months, I've come to realize that the indie/garage rock scene extends far further than The Strokes and The Hives might let the casual listener understand, but even so, the huge influence by both bands can be heard on almost every album in the genre, applying also on "Don't Pretend That You Know Me", the country-influenced garage rock album by the Venice, Italian based duo The Mojomatics.

For the most part of the record, you'll be find yourself noticing parallels to either band. Some are more obvious than others, so although the occasional harmonica and the strange blues influence inject a sense of originality into the band's formula, you'll still end up comparing the band to either of the big ones. But that's not a problem as such, because when stripped to the bare essentials, the songs on "Don't Pretend That You Know Me" are enjoyable and have enough identity to stick out. Take the groovy "Complicate My Life", for instance, has enough speed and energy to get the most stubborn listener dancing.

MojoMatt's voice drips of underlying arrogance in the same way as on many indie rock albums, distancing the band's music from the listener just enough to be fun to listen to.. think something like Liam Gallagher of Oasis just with less self-destructive character. "Miss Me When I'm Gone" is another highlight, grabbing the listener with its catchy chorus that leans as much on 60s rock as it does on The Hives styled punked up garage rock.

But I have to say that the band is at their weakest during the country-ish songs like "Stars Above". The only effect of such songs is that they make me think about ignorant rednecks dancing in saloons in the Southern States, and that's not a pretty sight. Luckily for The Mojomatics, the pure-country songs are left to the minimum, and much of the album consists of speedy, ready-for-the-airwaves garage rock, which any The Hives and The Strokes fan will surely become friends with - as long as you don't mind harmonica solos.


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Release date 23.09.2008
Ghost Records

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