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The World And I EP

Written by: PP on 08/10/2008 13:30:28

Action Item belongs to a series of bands that I decided to check out merely because of their genre description - this one being pop punk - and because the few tunes on their Myspace sounded decent enough. Turns out the decision was sound, because their emotionally charged rock has just about high enough levels of infectiousness and down-to-earthness for me to like it.

The thing to know about "The World And I EP" is that it's all self-financed, and the sound quality is still pretty decent. Opener "Dress For The Weather" has bouncy riffs and singalongable choruses, musically reminding me a bit about bands like The Academy Is, but with a less polished and perfected sound. The song shows some promise, but already the second track "Second Chance" rebuffs that notion: The riff is almost identical to the one that opened the first track, or at least I can't hear the slightest difference. The songs aren't particularly original either, with few nods towards Panic At The Disco's "Nine In The Afternoon" harmonies in the beginning. "The People Who Matter The Most" is kind of anonymous, but at least "I Woke Up In Tallahassee" has some good guitar energy to it. Expect more melodic riffing and memorable choruses here, much like on the last track "Loved And Looked After", which just continues on the same path as the other songs on the EP, although the guitars are probably at their heaviest here.

Overall, Action Item play alright pop punk with melodic rock tendencies, but it isn't anything special. They don't have enough identity in their sound to distinguish them from their genre counterparts, which leads them straight into the mass of pop punk bands I won't even remember after writing this review. But lets remember this is just an EP and the guys have still plenty of room to improve, and when the songs are this catchy already now, I foresee Action Item making some damage in the future.

Download: Dress For The Weather
For the fans of: The Academy Is..., Cute Is What We Aim For, The Starting Line
Listen: Myspace

Release date 10.06.2008

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