Written by: PP on 01/04/2005 22:31:50

Millencolin has a lot to prove with this album. Their last album "Home From Home" was mediocre at its best. What happened to the good old ska-punk and the fast skatepunk we grew so used to while listening to "Penguins And Polarbears", "Life on A Plate", "Tiny Tones" and the rest? Fortunately, this album reinstates some of those old stylistical values that Millencolin stood for. "Kingwood" simply combines the mainstream-ish sound of "Home From Home" with the captivatingly fast guitars from "Life On A Plate". What's the result? Some of the best songs that Millencolin has ever made. "Kingwood" contains some absolute gems like "Biftek Supernova", "Cash or Clash", and "Ray" that are among the 10 best Millencolin songs ever. Don't worry, it doesn't stop there. The album rocks, check it out.


Download: Biftek Supernova
For the fans of: No Use For A Name, Descendents

Release Date 29.3.2005
Burning Heart Records

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