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A Little South Of Zero

Written by: MR on 03/10/2008 13:55:33

A Poetic Yesterday is a Midlands, UK based hardcore/screamo act, who share a similar sound to their Rising Records colleagues Nato, whom I was very impressed with, which means there should be good indictments for some decent stuff here. A characteristic trait about "A Little South Of Zero" is how the band's production puts their riffs in front of the whole sound-picture. Throughout the album the shift between clear singing and screaming from frontman Gavin is pushed much more in the background than you'd expect, maybe because the band has understood their weakness and strength points well. Take Gavin's voice, for instance. During his clean parts, he reminds me of a bad imitation of Sum 41. He has problems reaching the high notes he wants and it is a constant irritation. The instrumental parts are excellent and throughout the majority of the album my ears are eating all of it up. On "Thermite Plasma On Your Steel Supports" the shifts and the riffs are beautifully arranged and the display by the band is convincing.

There's one song on the record that stands out like the brightest star, however, or at least the first half of the song. On "My Hairstyle Defines Me", the guitar's role is one of the best I've heard this year and the whole melancholic and fast finger-tapping will get you through any shitty day. It's played with ease and the band clearly adapts to the mellow atmosphere in the best way. Great job. But one song simply can't do it all.

The truth is that most of the time you will feel a bit disappointed over the band's talent variance. First off, Gavin sings with an American accent which sounds as authentic as Vanilla Ice's past. The second problem (again) is that Gavin sounds like the singer from Sum 41, which in no way suits the band's sound. He does a good job screaming and it sounds appropriate, but has difficulties in adjusting his melodic lines on the style that the rest of the band is playing. To wrap it up: A Poetic Yesterday are a good and a promising band, who need to pitch their lead singer on the right path.


Download: My Hairstyle Defines Me, Thermite Plasma on Your Steel Supports
For The Fans Of: Nato, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend
Listen: myspace.com/apyarmy

Release Date 24.10.2008
Rising Records

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