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The Redshift

Written by: AB on 01/10/2008 23:31:51

Melodic death metal. That's cool. When we're talking real death metal with melodies, like Death, Cynic, Decrepit Birth etc., at least. Melodic Death Metal as a genre in itself basically seems tired and un-inspiring to me. Omnium Gatherum is apparently some of the very best Finland has to offer in the shady discipline of melodeath, and their newly released album "The Redshift" here is their fourth full-length release in just 6 years.

Yup, it's melodeath alright. Basic and generic rhythm section, with boring drums, anonymous bass, and riffs of dubious quality; resulting in a mid-tempo vibe to the whole album. The 'melodic' part of the melodeath is handled by guitars (obviously) and to a lesser extent, synthesizer. The axe leads and solos are the album's major (only?) force; luckily, a force to be reckoned with. Lead guitarist Vanhala knows his stuff inside out, and gives us some superb - if not very inventive or new - chainsaw work to admire. Thumbs up. The other component to the melodic soundscape is, as mentioned, synth, which I frankly don't feel adds anything to the mix here.

Vocals are your standard melodeath 'soft growl' or Cookie Monster vocals - think Dark Tranquillity, but worse. That obviously fits very well into the rest of the generic melodeath fun Omnium Gatherum has going for them, but doesn't really help with making this interesting. Thinking about it, the band seems very fond of Dark Tranquility; they even have DT's trademarked 'deep singing' to back up the not so impressive 'angry' growls. Wow, cool, except really not. Furthermore, supplementing the mind-destroying boredom of the two vocal styles mentioned, in the über-cheesy track "Greeneyes" - slow, sad, angst-filled etc - we even get real clear singing (to really contrast with the oh sooo dangerous growls) going "is there something wrong? Is there something wroo-oong?". Yes mate, your whole fuckin' song.

Basically, this a bad Dark Tranquility rip-off. What Omnium Gatherum does well though - apart from the fine solo/lead work - is to introduce a nice little rock'n'roll feel to the boring melodeath. I am not talking Volbeat here (thank God), but every once in a while, there's some groove, a little sense of rock, as for example the opener of "No Breaking Point" or title track "The Redshifter". If Omnium Gatherum want me hooked, continue with that sort of thing, and get a new vocalist. Please.


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Release date 22.09.2008
Candlelight Records

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