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Written by: PP on 26/09/2008 10:42:01

Following the example of EW, I'm also going to keep this review short and sweet, for there isn't that much to talk about when it comes to the ridiculously named Angercore, their brand of extremely bland, beyond-generic emocore, and their debut album "Time Reveals". You see, out of the 11 songs on the album, there are only two or maybe three that are remotely worthy of listening, namely "Theory of Integrity", "Merchant Of Beauty" and perhaps "Ocean". The last one has at least slightly promising melody, "Merchant..." has a few cool riffs, and "Theory Of Integrity" wins hearts over through its painfully slow and subtle chorus melody.

The rest? I'd like to call it just generic and average emocore, but it doesn't even reach that status. The album opener "For A While" has about 25 seconds of cool riffing in the start, after which their vocalist jumps in with his incredibly uncharacteristic and boring clean vocals that are the plague of the whole album. He never comes across as passionate for his music, instead sounding like singing these songs is painful for him, which isn't so surprising considering how bad these guys really are. It's as if the entire band has no sense of what sounds good and what doesn't, because every glimpse of hope is destroyed by yet another contrived piece of musicianship or the vocalist's annoying croons. But I guess when you're singing "Choking among this crowd, emotions with no flavour" you can't help but sound like shit is pouring out of your mouth by the truckload.

The funny thing is that these guys were formed from the ashes of a few punk bands, according to their bio. Every now and then, such as in the beginning of "Two As One", the fast rhythm and melodic gang vocals shine through for a few moments before the band switches back to the boring emotional rock thing they have going on. It's easy to hear that if these guys would just let go of this stupid emo-dream they are having and play punk rock, they'd be so much better.

So let me just pinpoint the problems of Angercore to finish off the review: all too few screams for an emo album, boring songs, extremely bland and nothing-saying vocalist, terrible lyricism, no sense of good melody whatsoever, and they are playing the wrong fucking genre.


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Release date April 2008
Myphonic Records

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