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Written by: PH on 04/11/2005 17:12:52

Nervous Nellie is catchy from the first listen and never really becomes tiring to your ears. The vocals are almost identical with Robbie Williams' in several songs, which might sound annoying, yet fits the music quite well. The album starts out with "Cancer", "Personal Elvis" and "Crack Berry", all 3 among the best songs on the album, but the next 4 songs never reach the same quality. I feared that the rest of the album would be like those 4. Fortunately the remaining songs are very good, with "Million Dollars" as the absolute best song on the album. It is one of the few punk songs on the album.

It is difficult to place Nervous Nellie into any genre. Imagine Kaiser Chiefs meets The Cure meets Bad Religion. It contains aspects of several genres and has been described by many as "Indie Rock", "Alternative", "Pop"(?!) and even "Country Punk". It is very understandable why people have such different views on Nervous Nellie. Yet no matter which genre this is a good album.

They may not have their big breakthrough with this album, but they're sure to break through within a couple of years. A promising band!


Download: Crack Berry, Million Dollars

For the fans of: Kaiser Chiefs, The Cure

Release date: 19.09.2005

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