Big Röck Möuntain Highs

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Brighton, UK based Böwlrider starts with the premise that they were actually formed in 1972 before vanishing for three decades into the forests of Borneo, the only surviving member being frontman Cliven Reeve, who remained encased in a massive block of ice until the late 90s when he washed up ashore in Southern England, completely oblivious to the fact that the punk rock movement happened, immediately starting recruitment process for a new version of the band. The story is of course as false as it is ridiculous, but it's a good starting point for the kind of music Böwlrider play on "Big Röck Möuntain Highs", the loud-as-fuck, Motörhead-inspired real fucking rock 'n roll of the kind where TV sets fly out of hotel room windows and groupies queue up for miles outside the hotel.

You see, Böwlrider couldn't be more rock and roll even if they tried. Singing about booze and torching people on fire, these rocker dudes are about to give you the ass kicking of your life in the form of dirtily distorted guitars and over-the-top hair metal attitude. In other words, these guys are rocking out with their cock out in the most literal interpretation of that famous phrase. Think huge leather/denim-clad dudes with motorcycles, and REALLY LOUD guitars complete with screeches and southern fried distortion.

Böwlrider may not have the deepest of lyrics (listen to "Human Torch" or "Back On The Booze" for good examples), but this isn't a band about the message as much as they are about the attitude, as even the occasional balladic passages sound fiery, sure to make the likes of Mötley Crüe and Motörhead proud. Pretty much the only thing missing from the record is an "Ace Of Spades", a song so good and kickass that the rest of the band's career could consist of merely re-writing that song in various forms. "Big Röck Möuntain Highs" is therefore a record that's best enjoyed at a dodgy pool-bar somewhere in Midwestern America with a few pints of Budweiser alongside, and of course the volume setting cranked up to the maximum, preferably even higher.

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For the fans of: Motörhead, Mötley Crue
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Release date 26.09.2008
Rising Records

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