Steady State

Steady State

Written by: PP on 18/09/2008 19:44:45

I read somewhere that Steady State was being described as "amazing raspy punk rock", and I couldn't think of a better way to say it myself. This is the Florida based band's debut album/EP (7 tracks at 29 minutes, which one is it?), but you wouldn't believe it based on how good the songs are here already. We're talking about Hot Water Music / Bear Vs Shark style of mid paced, straight forward punk rock with roots both in rock and hardcore, where the feeling and vibe is placed in spotlight instead of breakneck speed drumming or catchy choruses.

Sure, many of the choruses are easily memorable, but that's not because they're poppy or overly melodic, far from it, although that's not to say there isn't truckloads of melody present. Most of the work here is done by vocalist Anthony, whose raw voice is full of warmth, kinda similar to the guy from Attack In Black but slightly harsher. When the production of guitars and the rumbling bass is left purposefully low as well, the end result is the devoid-from-any-scene raw-melody punk rock sound that only few bands possess. These also tend to be the kind of bands who build up the most loyal and passionate fanbases, just look at Steady State's contemporaries Bear Vs Shark, Attack In Black, and Hot Water Music whose fans don't just like their music, they live and breathe every second of it in their lives.

So if you happen to love any of those bands, prepare for a new band that's about to smash itself into your nerves from the first listen. To summarize their strengths to finish off the review: amazing vocalist, great raw melodies that are easy to become lifelong friends with, some semi-acoustic harmonies and, most importantly, a sound incredibly full of feeling throughout.


Download: The Number One In The Number Two Business, An Excercise In Mediocrity
For the fans of: Bear Vs Shark, Hot Water Music, Attack In Black
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Release date 14.08.2008
FDO Recordings

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