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Written by: MR on 17/09/2008 12:18:09

Incoming Cerebral Overdrive (ICO from here on) is an Italian metal/hardcore act who very cleverly are defining themselves as "Spaghetti-core". The 5 guys from ICO move through their songs very smoothly and with grace. They are tight and technically there is nothing to complain about. The riffs on this nine track album are very complex and the band moves beyond the simple verse-chorus-verse structures, which suits the band well.

All that said, this still isn't a really good album. It's messy and my biggest complaint is the lead-singers way of delivering his screaming around the songs. At some point it actually seems very coincidental or random where he places them. I like his voice on the song "Food" where there is a small resemblance to the lead singer of "Ill Niño", but thats about it. It takes only two or three songs before you get bored with him and you switch to another record. Sure, the voice is impressive and thick but it would be much nicer if he had more feeling with the music than the case is. His lack of connection to the music is also clearly exposed under the track "Slave", where he sings in a clear voice. It's just flat and boring. That combined with the fact, that although the riffs are complex, they still drown in the whole picture, it seems that the band is trying too many things at once.

On "Born" they have so many riff parts it actually sounds like I'm listening to five different songs, making the listener only feel annoyed. The band has capabilities if they learn to manage them. ICO try too hard here, less is more guys.


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Release date 07.04.2008
Myphonic Records

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