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Invisible Walls

Written by: CR on 15/09/2008 20:52:38

"Invisible Walls" is the debut album from German band Destination Calling. It was originally released in Germany two years ago and has now found its way to an international release. From what I gathered, the band has been doing quite well in their home country, the question is now if the band is good enough for the international scene. The step up to the multinational market poses a lot of challenges and questions, the most important question being do Destination Calling have what it takes? You are in luck today as I am here to give you the answer for this most important question.

So let me start by answering this query with a yes. The band actually could be one of the big players on the metal scene if it wasn't for two things: the German accent and bad grammar that pollutes every spoken sentence on the album, even the (very cheesy) conversation between a woman and a computer in the beginning of "Sentenced" has this very annoying attribute. The second thing standing in the way of international success for the band is the time it has taken before it was released internationally - it is about 25 years late.

Destination Calling are without a doubt pretty good at what they do. The guitar work is really well done and the band seems nice and tight but they never manage to really excite. There isn't really anything new under the sun that hasn't been done and done a lot by either Queensrÿche or Iron Maiden back in the eighties. With those inspirations pretty obvious in most of the songs, it seems odd that the band doesn't get more progressive and often ends up playing power metal. I guess that's the result you get when you are not moving forward in the progressive genre. Which is a shame since the record would have really benefited from some more diversity.

What this all boils down to is an album you will put on from time to time and wonder why you do not give it more time on your playlist. The answer is simple: even though Destination Calling does what they do really well, they don't do anything that hasn't been done better in the past by another band. In the end this leaves me a bit frustrated because the band shows a lot of promise but fails to deliver anything remarkable. On the other hand the potential is without a doubt present and "Invisible Walls" shows that the band is capable of writing some really good riffs. To succeed the music just needs to take the step into the new millennium which is all down to how versatile the band is.


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For the Fans of: Queensrÿche, Iron Maiden

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Release Date 26.09.2008

Silverwolf Productions

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