Before The Blackout

Written by: PP on 31/10/2005 02:19:52

I've been reading mixed reviews of Allister's third album "Before The Blackout" across the net and magazines. Some praise it to be the pop punk album of the year, while others give it a below average rating. I'm going to side with the latter ones here, and I'll attempt to reason myself below.

To me, Allister was at its best during their debut album "Dead Ends And Girlfriends". That album had everything what the tired, cliche pop punk scene needed; it was an album reviving the simple, yet effective hooks of bands like Ramones and The Clash, mixing together with the addictive melodies of the modern pop punk scene like the early Blink 182 tone, resulting in a raw, fast mixture of 'old meets new' sound pleasing both older and younger fans. They followed it up with a less-guitar driven, more produced and less original album "Last Stop Suburbia", which already was too close to sounding like every other pop punk band out there.

Today, it's been three years since their last album, and they release an album that Fall Out Boy could've written in half a year, though without the quality of the latter band. It's overproduced, lacking of originality, predictable and boring; exactly what Blink 182 did with their albums after "Enema Of The State". There is no more 'old meets new' feel, there are no more exciting guitar hooks that make you want to play air guitar, and there is no more "damn that riff was awesome" feeling. The album is so predictable that it drowns in the masses and will be forgotten within a month.

Why, oh why did they decide to go this way with their music. "Before The Blackout" is something Good Charlotte could write, but I wouldn't have expected this from Allister. Its not worth buying or even listening to.


Download: Waiting, D2
For the fans of: Bowling For Soup, Midtown

Release date 11.10.2005
Drive-Thru Records
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