New Plans, New Blueprints (Demo)

Written by: PP on 08/09/2008 14:26:37

Lately we've been making a point of covering the Danish music scene more intensively, so you can expect reviews to pop up about smaller bands in the country, who deserve your attention but just haven't been able to showcase themselves to the public just yet. Fredericia based emo/screamo act Deattached has only recently released a three song demo "New Plans, New Blueprints", offering, for Danish bands, a less raw than usual take on the genre.

The songs here are alright, nothing overtly special but not particularly bad either. "Wake Up Call" has some decent melody, but it suffers much from the inexperience and/or the undeveloped voice of their singer, as he often sings slightly off tune and puts unnecessary strain on his voice, resulting in little cracks and screeches. Although "This Is A Crime Scene" starts out with the same problems vocally, the stretched screams that follow are pretty cool and the "agree to disagree" chorus is quite catchy - I find myself singing along to it whenever I hear the song.

"Conquering Temptation", the last song on the demo, has some neat electronica effects in the beginning of the song, leaning towards Daft Punk styled background vocals while Emil's clean vocals float gently above the music. The guitars have again focused on creating memorable hooks for the most part, and they're also Deattached's biggest strength as a band. They aren't as heavy as other danish screamo acts like Knife Of Liberty, Trusted Few or even Puto Diablo, which is good considering the live sound of those bands isn't something I'm particularly fond of. There's also much less screaming involved... which isn't so good.

If about half of the clean vocals from Deattached would be screamed by their backup vocalist, "New Plans, New Blueprints" would be much better than it currently is. The problems lie in the vocal department for the time being, once that develops and the band become more experienced songwriters, we'll start to have something promising here.


Download: This Is A Crime Scene
For the fans of: Story Of The Year, A Place Called Here, Knife Of Liberty
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Release date 05.07.2008

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