Franz Ferdinand

You Could Have It So Much Better

Written by: PP on 30/10/2005 15:16:52

Contrary to the album title, we couldn't have it much better than Franz Ferdinand's sophomore album. Funkier than ever, catchier than ever, the band returns with an indie rock album, that will be quoted as influence by all future indie rock bands to come.

"You Could Have It So Much Better" is almost flawless. Even though the songs range from the acoustic, psychadelic Beatles-sounding piece "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" through the funky, guitar driven "The Fallen" to the slightly faster, almost punk'ish title track, there are no bad songs on the album, and to my giant surprise, most of the songs aren't penned with the radio in mind like "Take Me Out" was, for instance.

This album beats the debut in all aspects. It's more fun, more enjoyable, catchier, funkier, and most importantly, it won't be leaving your cd player anytime soon after listening to it. What we're looking at here is the Oasis of the 21st century. A candidate for the best indie album of 2005 without a doubt.


Download: The Fallen, Walk Away
For the fans of: Modest Mouse

Release date 04.10.2005

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